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Love Montrose Dental. Clean, friendly, modern, and all around pleasant dental experience. I never felt like they were going to push me into something not right for me - in fact, they warned me of a few trouble spots and told me a few ways to protect myself from them turning into far so good! I'd definitely recommend them - especially with the free whitening they're offering now. Kate S.

For the first time in my life I realised that going to the dentist can be something else than a painful, uncomfortable experience. As I walked into the office I noticed how clean, spacious and welcoming it was. The x-rays on the flatscreen in front of me and the way they explained what was on it made all the difference. I finally saw what I only imagined before. Great customer service, talking me through the whole process, a real patient oriented practice. Rates are VERY reasonable which is a plus since my insurance doesn't cover much. Try it, you won't be sorry you did!!! Peter

Highly recommended! I went to see Dr.Hermann on Sunday Jun.20th.The office is clean and their technology is up-to-date. Everything was explained to me in a manner that I can understand. A wonderful doctor and a great staff equals a great experience. Highly RECOMMENDED!! Zoltan

I have a lot of old LARGE amalgam fillings in my mouth that were placed in Mexico years ago!! And just recently, one cracked, causing so much sensitivity to anything hot, cold, sweet or sour. I had to take care of it as soon as possible I did not want to risk loosing a tooth. I personally believe that living with a tooth ache is the most uncomfortable feeling there is. And knowing that you have a broken tooth just doesn't let you eat comfortably. I decided to make a quick appointment visit with Montrose Dental Group, on Nov 14th, it was just a quick check up, Dr. Hermann took a look at the x-rays his assistant took, told me everything that I needed. He set up a treatment plan and explained which procedure had to be done as soon as possible. He asked me if I wanted to get started that day! I was just there for an evaluation, but he was willing to work with me that day. I did reschedule for the following week, I just started a Crown treatment with Dr. Hermann, and he has been great, I have no insurance, but his receptionist helped me out with applying with Carecredit. This office has been great to me. I have started to bring my husband here too. He is Dr. Szekelys' patient; he really liked how she explained things and fixed his fillings. She is a true professional. I'm sure this practice will grow and flourish in this beautiful area. I am so appreciative of this office! They have helped me out from day one! Everything was explained from the very beginning, they made me forget that I was in a dentist office. This office gives out a soothing vibe, maybe because of the colors or beautiful design. I have a lot of work remaining, I know I should have been more careful with my teeth at a younger age, but I am thankful that I have found an office like this. Any older folks out there, even younger ones reading this, Take time to consider your dental health!! Thank you Montrose Dental Group-- Amazing Doctors and Staff! See you soon!!!! Imelda M.

I 'd recommend Montrose Dental to other friends of mine. They re experts within their field with the latest technology and they don't try to fix what s not broke! One of the best dentists I’ve been to in a long time. Evan M.

This place is just wonderful. Dr. Szekely is friendly, thorough, professional, and always right on time. She really takes her time with you and is very, very gentle. I had no pain during some replacements of old fillings.What a relief to meet a dentist that never tries to get you to make appointments for unnecessary procedures, like so many dentists do. I cannot say enough good things about her and her wonderful staff! I am staying with Montrose Dental Group. Robert B.

After my great experience I scheduled an appointment for my husband too. Unfortunately his work schedule didn't fit with Dr Hermann's schedule, he saw Dr. Szekely.( I wish I could have my husband's teeth- he has no problems). His experience was the same as mine: clean and high tech office with knowledgeable and friendly staff. He said he had the best cleaning. Thanks for taking good care of us. We'll see you soon! Edit K.

My teeth hurt and I heard good things about them so I gave them a try.Everything was perfect. Dr. Herman treated me. He was calm, patient and explained everything. He laid out my options, gave me all the information he had, I believe.Their technology is great. I saw all the x-rays on a large screen TV and he even connected a fiber optic camera to the TV and I could see what he sees.I ended up taking out wisdom teeth (bottom and top). I already took one out before. This time was MUCH less painful. He seemed to make very clever use of a wide variety of tools, and I think that made the recovery quicker and less painful too.Overall as good as it gets for a dentist. Guy A.

My experience at Montrose Dental Group has always been the greatest. The staff is very knowledgeable and the office has state of the art equipment and latest technological instruments and machines. Dr. Hermann is very profesional and has a wonderful, caring nature and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to be treated with dignity and respect, as well as a wonderful caring manner. I would absolutely recommend this dental office to anyone looking for a dentist. Remus R.

I've always been satisfied with my visits at Montrose Dental Group. Everyone is very friendly and helpful, the office is very technologically up to date. I've been seeing dr. Szekely for my last visits and she's a real pro. She explains the procedures thoroughly and makes sure that I'm comfortable all the time. I have complete confidence in her ability. Highly recommend this place. Dana A.

Great Location. just completed a full remodeling that is very nice, clean, and makes you feel comfortable. Had a great experience with Dr. Hermann, polite, professional, and had no problem during procedure. staff is well trained and easy to work with. Tiger N.

My sister was visiting from Europe and unfortunately her tooth broke in half, so we needed a dentist very fast. I heard good things about Montrose Dental Group from a friend so I called them. They were very nice and gave us an appointment for the next day. The office is beautiful, the doctors and staff are welcoming and professional. Dr. Szekely thoroughly explained the problem my sister had, gave her different options and walked her through every step of the procedure. She got her tooth fixed and we left the dental office very happy and satisfied with the service. I will be back and recommend this dental practice for everyone. Monika S.

I started having pressure on the upper left side of my jaw, WISDOM TOOTH! :( I scheduled Thursday; thankfully they had a spot available for the following morning. I came in Friday morning, such a quick process to set up my appointment. Once I arrived, such a normal procedure, registration form, quick x-ray, they showed me it on the TV .Dr. Hermann walked in, introduced himself, and to ease my nervousness, made me laugh! We had a conversation going, and I completely forgot what I was there for. Once he numbed me, I sat for about ten minutes, and watched some TV. He came back in with the assistant Yessica, asked me to breath through my nose and in less then 45 seconds, I was sitting upright with gauze placed. He pulled my tooth with no problem and no pain. I honestly couldn't believe it. I took one Tylenol right after my appointment and one two hours later, (which I never needed!!) My weekend went so smooth; I did everything I thought I wouldn't be able to do -with no pain killers at all. I am absolutely happy with Montrose Dental Group. They did such a great job making what I thought to be a unpleasant experience and turned into just another Friday morning.Definitely Recommend!!! Cila G.

Had the pleasure of working with both dentist, Dr. Herman and Dr. Szekely. I highly recommend both dentist. They both were gentle with my mouth and kept asking if I was comfortable. What I like most about Montrose Dental, is everyone goes out of their way to make you comfortable. Both dentist had conversations with me about my teeth in a way I was able to understand. I not only liked how they treated me, but also appreciated the politeness and respect the hygienist were given.I was not sold anything unecessary and felt that everything they said I needed or suggested was reasonable.Very happy, will continue being a patient. Sarah T.

This is one of the friendliest places I have ever received dental treatment in. Dr. Szekely is amazing. She is very through, explaining everything, and answering all of my questions. I always end up having a good time at the dentist! The staff is very sweet and professional. This is a very clean office; highly recommend this place to friends and family. Anabelen V.

Dr. Hanna and her entire staff are off the charts wonderful! I moved back to Chicago last year and live a few blocks away. I had a full, upper restoration of porcelin crowns done 4 years ago. Since December, 4 of them have cracked, fell out and needed to be replaced (not all at the same time). She sees me immediately on the same day and takes care of me. She is so gentle, kind and caring and is the best kind of perfectionist taking all the time necessary to make sure the work is done expertly. Her staff explains in complete detail the payment and treatment plan with me. I am so grateful that I found Montrose Dental and Dr. Hanna and recommend her to anyone seeking an awesome dentist! Tracy A.

A dentist is trained to diagnose, treat, and prevent diseases of the gums, teeth, and jaw. Dr. Szekely is friendly, thorough, professional and she took the time to explain everything that I've needed, so that I could make an educated decision. She also gave me a good deal. A++++. Bob

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